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About Us PhotoA fashion concept more than twenty years in the making, MUPS – the world’s first full line of customizable shoes – represents a fusion of company founder Dina’s lifelong passion for style and her practical instincts as a proud mother.

The MUPS line of uniquely interchangeable accessories has the ability to transform the very same pair of footgear from the elegant to the sophisticated and from the sporty to the sensible, as well as every look in between. With seasonal lines featuring dozens of shoe styles and colors, along with an endless array of ornaments and appliqués, the sky is virtually the limit.

Available in exclusive womens’ and girls’ lines MUPS is ideal for every age featuring an array of classy and and trendy, as well as sensible school shoes and formal styles. “There’s something powerfully expressive about wearing a shoe that’s uniquely you, says Dina.

As a teenager, Dina dreamed the dream of every fashion enthusiast; to own a unique pair of footwear for each and every outfit in her wardrobe. “I remember saying to myself, there must be a better way than to buy a full pair of shoes for just that one perfect coordinate in the appliqué.”

However in that time not everyone understood her vision. It wasn’t until years later when Dina had a daughter of her own that she encountered the same issue she had faced as a teenager. “My daughter who was 7 at the time wanted every shoe style and color she saw. That’s when it clicked .. Why not pursue my dream?”

Dina went on to build a prototype of her shoes along with her unique interchangeable ornaments and began showing it around. She received so many positive reviews that she felt encouraged to proceed patenting her invention internationally in 2008.

She believed so much in the idea that she poured in her life savings and produced thousands of pairs of shoes in her first season production run. She officially launched in August 2011 at the FFANY Shoe Show where she premiered her Spring 2012 line.

Due to high demand for her quality shoes and ornaments Dina proceeded to create a retail website in May 2012 at http://www.mupsshoes.com

Design and production was eventually moved to Italy, further increasing the quality of MUPS Shoes products.

Requests began pouring in from retailers wanting to sell MUPS Shoes. “Due to the enormous success I worked 24/7 on the business, all while being there as a mother to my 4 children. My daughter calls me Super Mom because I try to do everything!”

Since that time growth has been astronomical with new orders and store reorders pouring in. MUPS Shoes has grown to over 50 shoe Blog Ornamentscombinations and 100 ornaments.

As the company grows we look forward to adding new products and styles. We also look to expand our international presence. Beyond the United States MUPS Shoes can be found in Canada, the UK and Israel.

“MUPS actually metamorphosed into a versatility that is beyond anything I could have ever imagined,” says Dina. It’s no wonder internationally acclaimed designers have called it “the innovation that will change the dynamics of the footwear industry forever.”

With a team of internationally acclaimed designers and manufacturers, the MUPS concept of “One Pair for Every Wear” is poised to conquer every segment of the market, from the high-end to the budget conscious. “When you build the company from the ground up,” says Dina, “you settle for absolutely nothing less than perfection, every step of the way.”

So if you thought wearing shoes couldn’t be fun, we invite to try MUPS.
It may just change the way you look at shoes – forever!
Happy wearing!


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