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Check Out Our Amazing New MUPS Shoes Video Demonstrating One Pair for Every Wear!

Here’s our newest video demonstrating the MUPS Shoes concept of endless possibilities from one pair of shoes. Switch out your interchangeable accessory to get a completely different look. Go from casual to dressy all without having to change your shoe!

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Read About Our Latest Photo Shoot in This Exclusive Interview!

Good news for all you MUPS fans out there! We know you’ve been excited about the release of our official photo shoot images. Well here are some of our best for you to enjoy!

We interviewed Etty, Executive Manager at MUPS Shoes. She had the opportunity to be at the photo shoot and helped us get a better picture, no pun intended!

How often do MUPS Shoes photo shoots occur?

Twice per year – 1 for Fall and 1 for Spring

Are the shoots labor intensive?

Yes. It takes a lot of preparation and hard work prior to the shoot to make sure our concepts are displayed in all of our photos. We try to balance our focus to make sure that we are also able to bring out the beauty of our unique Italian designed shoes.

How long do the shoots take?

Usually 3/4 of a day .. This shoot took place from 1:30 – 6:30PM.

Where do you have your photo shoots?

We pick a unique setting every season. Last season our photo shoot took place in New York City. This season it was in Red Bank, New Jersey. We try to select locations that highlight the flexibility of our shoes.

How do you select the shoot wardrobe? 

Prior to the shoot we have a wardrobe session with our model. At that time we select outfits that best match and represent our brand.

What were you trying to portray in this photo?

In this photo we’re trying to portray the concept of switching ornaments on our shoes while focusing on the beauty of our modern Italian design.


What were you trying to portray in the following image?

We were trying to highlight our concept of “One Pair for Every Wear” by having the model wear the same shoe with different ornaments on various occasions including work, lunch and party. She switched from casual to dressy all without having to change her shoes.


What were your favorite photos?

These are a sample of some of my favorite photos. They highlight our shoes in different scenes and backgrounds. Click on the photos below to enlarge them ..

mupsshoes_731 mupsshoes_793

mupsshoes_501 mupsshoes_551

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Behind the Scenes of Our Newest Photo Shoot

On Monday, August 12th we had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with our newest model, Mackenzie Deerin.

Our shoot location was in Red Bank, New Jersey. The weather was not cooperating with us at first but that was OK because we were inside the photo studio, safe from the pouring rainstorm. When it was time to do our outside shots the weather had cleared up. It was nice and sunny, as if it hadn’t rained at all! We couldn’t help but notice the traffic stopping as curious drivers and pedestrians looked on.

Here are some behind the scenes sneak peak photos we took on our iPad.

MUPS Casual Look

MUPS Casual Look

Sophisticated Cafe Photo

Sophisticated Cafe Photo

Switching Out Ornaments in the Studio

Switching Out Ornaments in the Studio

Our goal during this shoot was to emphasize our slogan of “One Pair for Every Wear” and to do this we had Mackenzie dress up in different outfits and shoes at various locations. It was interesting to see the endless possibilities of MUPS Shoes as Mackenzie and the photographer switched out ornaments. We were able to get new shoe/ornament combination ideas that we’ll put to good use.

We had so much fun with this photo shoot! We’re currently working on the official release pictures and video, and look forward to sharing these with you soon!

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