Travel Light with MUPS Shoes!

When most people travel they have to pack their things. And one thing women cannot forget are their shoes!

In this world there exists two ways to pack shoes ..

Exhibit A: Overload and Pack It In!

Don’t crush the shoes!

Women love shoes. In fact some women love their shoes so much that when they travel they have to pack their entire shoe shelf with them. To others who don’t understand that’s called OVER-DOING IT. However for these women it’s pure LOVE and convenience! They want to look their best for every occasion. That means packing it in. Ten pairs of shoes just won’t do for the thirty different dress styles and colors she’s interested in matching up with.

A couple words of caution:

  1. When packing it in don’t crush those beautiful shoes you paid a lot of money for!
  2. Make sure to get plenty of help carrying those bags! You don’t want to spend your time worrying about aching neck and shoulders.

Exhibit B: Travel Light with MUPS Shoes!

Why travel heavy when you can travel light with MUPS Shoes? Our motto is “One Pair for Every Wear” for a reason. We offer a unique shoe line with interchangeable ornaments to give your shoe a new look for every occasion. In fact MUPS is short for Match Ups. Switch out the ornaments on our patented shoe designs and match up with many different dress styles and colors. So pack your MUPS with many ornaments and see how much space you can save! Pack light, travel light with MUPS Shoes. NO WORRIES about spraining a muscle packing it in! And NO CRUSHED SHOES!


Have fun wherever you go! Travel the world in style! Bon voyage from MUPS Shoes!

Bon Voyage

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